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Promise Church Homeless Outreach

Promise Church has a real passion for reaching out to the needs of the homeless both here in Cleburne and on the streets of Fort Worth. It is our desire to bless them with necessary things needed for survival on the streets, as well as show them that they are loved and not forgotten. While we cannot meet every physical need that they may have... can we meet their spiritual needs. We serve a God that cares about them,a Savior that died for them and no matter how bleak their life looks... He has a plan for them.

We love to go out as a team to the streets of Fort Worth and bring the good news. We often partner with local ministries in that area to make a bigger impact. We might bring food, water or various supplies to those we meet. as well as pray with them for salvation, for jobs, health and any other need they might have.

We do not provide housing or overnight stays in motels as our budget is not set for that.  There are several overnight shelters in this area of Fort Worth, but still not enough for all of them.  Our heart is to help those who sleep on the streets and in the homeless camps.  They need blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, as well toiletries, socks and more.

We appreciate your prayers as we look to move forward.  We appreciate your help in donations if you have a heart to do so.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  You can contact us on this web page and we will get back to you as quick as possible.  Thank you for your interest in doing more for the Kingdom of God.